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The Mission

Bridge the Gap Foundation provides a sustainable solution to the welder shortage by addressing the workforce demands of the industry nationwide while offering a permanent community-based outreach solution.


The program is fundamentally different and unique for two primary reasons (1) the program is physically located in the communities it serves and (2) industry based certification as a Certified Welder (CW) coupled with the educational foundation and mentoring will produce a more qualified employee. The program is also designed to offer job placement opportunities nationwide as well as expanding to other military installations for programs.


Bridge the Gap Foundation strives to focus on making a difference in the lives of the participants by offering a pathway to success and long term financial stability. This will result in the participants becoming productive members of their community which will have a direct social impact on society including the veteran population.

 The mission of Bridge the Gap Foundation is to provide realistic, sustainable career opportunities through high level, industry specific education in a reasonable and timely manner to veterans and disadvantaged communities. 

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16 Week Advanced Training Welding Program
Worker with Blue Helmet
Orientation Session
Therapy Session
Interviewing Skills

Focus on theory to understand and identify weld defects and maintain high industry standards for excellence in workmanship and weld quality.

Hands-on labs utilizing various weld positions including the following:

• SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding

• GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

• Visual Weld Inspection

• GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding

The orientation session is designed to provide all details of the program as well as to share expectations and to answer questions from candidates.


Each candidate will have different needs that will be addressed throughout the program.

The following documents are provided during the orientation session:

• BTG Student Catalog

• Policy Manual

• Enrollment Agreement

The program prepares participants to successfully master the interview process upon completion of training.

The skill focuses on clarifying interview questions, thinking out loud, knowing your own resume, and leveraging knowledge about the company and interviewer.

Veteran Memorial Service
Life Skills

Preparing participants for life requires time and attention to each individual’s background and unique experiences. The goal is to create an enhanced awareness of the industry and their role as it continually evolves with their economic standing. This aspect of the training also focuses on the unique challenges Veterans face transitioning into civilian life.

Construction worker connect HDPE pipe in

Upon completion of the training program, participants will have the skills and industry based certifications to work in a heavy industrial environment, commercial nuclear power station, drilling rigs oil refineries and new construction projects across the United States and abroad. Job placement assistance will be offered at specific exit points

High School 

National high school dropout rates are alarming, and Bridge the Gap intends to make a difference in lowering those numbers by requiring participants without a high school diploma to complete the process during the 16-week training period. A nonprofit group partners with the program to assist participants in obtaining a high school diploma. They offer counseling and tutoring with constant support in other areas such as mentoring.

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